Video from my run today – Larrabee State Park Chuckanut Drive

BTW: I look more tired then I feel…  After 6 miles having only walked like 15 steps looking for a place to shoot the video I’m still breathing a bit harder then I would have liked. Enjoy the scenery of Larrabee State Park though. See this Amp at

Reflections on Why How and What Ted Talk Video

I just watched the following Ted Video, which BTW is well worth watching.  I then reflected a bit about how I operate, my motivations and for all intents and purposes my Big Why…  Reflections after Video… Ultimately since 1977 I have marched to a different drum… Ironically for me it also started with Apple.  It was 1977 when I was first exposed to Apple and that winter my father bought an Apple ][ with a plus card and 64K of Ram…  With accessories like 2 5 1/4″ floppy drives, a Green Phosphorous monitor and a 9 pin dot matrix printer the bill was approximately $7000 Canadian…  However I was hooked… Fast forward to the fall of 2010…  I now run a tech based real estate company surrounded by iPhones, an iPad, a...

You know there is something wrong with the postal service when The Postal Union Election is postponed when ballots get lost in the mail:

I’m finalizing my taxes for 2009 in advance of the October 15th deadline using H&R TaxCut Online and I need to schedule my payment for a couple of days from now. It asks when I want the funds to come out for taxes however the message from the site is “You can only schedule for the current business day”… Why have a schedule a payment box with date fields if you can’t use them? Spent like 15 minutes last night trying to do this before I figured out it wasn’t a browser or computer issue… #FAIL

Google Property Sites Presentation inside of XCamp this morning: Discussing how to use as an Organizational Wiki, and for Single Property Websites with our in house Template. Watch Live or request a Guest Pass to attend.

Foreclosure moratorium – an unexpected shoe to drop

In the late 80’s after the stock market crash in 1987 I had read the book, “The Great Depression of 1990”.  It outlined how worldwide every 70 years or so there is typically an economic depression.  Obviously the 90’s and even the early 2000’s there were limited negative growth quarters and other then a minor crash and Sept 11th, 2001 slowing down the economy the obvious signs of a significant recession didn’t start to show up until 2007. However by late 2008 we all know what was taking place in the economy.  The mortgage meltdown, credit default swaps etc all took place inside of a perfect storm.  With a Trillion dollars + and more considering the Feds liquidity activities, cash for clunkers and two rounds of first time...