Social CRM

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Researching for a presentation later in the week an idea that I’ve been playing with for a while. Social CRM: It seems that we are on the verge of seeing a reorganizing of the service component for numerous businesses by the emergence of a new breed of service for customers. No longer will it be one to one (company rep to customer) but many to one (numerous people supporting the needs of the customer in real time). Social CRM represents total engagement with the consumer from many different perspectives and complimentary services...

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Why do we spend so much time organizing

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This is one of those chicken and egg questions.  I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for tools to make my life easier when most of the time just doing the thing I’m trying to find a solution for would make more sense.  I think however its kind of like going out into the wilderness gold mining.  The potential of finding that one little thing that could change everything sits out there teasing us.  Of course my success is really a product of looking for those little things.  Spending a huge amount of time in the early stages...

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The difficult personality box

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I recently started to put people in more defined mental boxes.  I have determined that there is a class of personality which I find one of the more difficult personality types to work with and that is what I now define as the difficult personality type.  The epiphany is that at least for me this type generally speaking is always negotiating and then defending any turf that they have for all intents and purposes got even casual agreement on in a previous conversation.  Assuming we are all working in a generally speaking cooperative...

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Real Estate Tech South

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First let me say the are a lot of people who do get it at Real Estate Tech South, however there are a lot of people who have been on stage that are still in denial about the major fundamental shifts that have and are taking place about this thing called real estate brokerage services. I just sat through a presentation on “Real Estate Agent of The Future” and quite frankly I’m amazed at how little traditional brokerage folks actually know about how things are changing. Even looking at people like Jay Thompson, Kristina Wise,...

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Top 10 Things Heard at a Zebra Trial

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10. I object to the wearing of black and white at a Zebra trial.  Except of course you Your Honor. 9. was already taken 8. It sounded better then Real Estate Referee 7. There Can Be Only One… Zebra…  #winning 6. What did a Zebra do to you anyway? 5. I thought if I could find it online that meant they were competing with me. 4. You can’t keep a good Zebra down 3. Look it up…  Zebra’s are Tough. 2. Can’t Zebras sing Kumbaya? 1. Jay Made me do It.

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The Zebra Brand in Real Estate

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I won’t say I have stayed out of the Zebra Debate surrounding The Lones Group and The Real Estate Zebra – Daniel Rothamel, however I haven’t blogged about it so far.  Mainly because there have been enough blogs and commentary now relative to the merits and non-merits of the case for a reasonable person to understand the debate and the confusion. What I find interesting is how brand has been established through Social Media over the last few days. While I am one of the few people that has received the Zebra Report for a...

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Commitment Phobia and your Sales Career

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Just so you know, I consider myself the most complicated person I know.  I mention that because if I can’t figure myself out its unlikely I can really “figure anyone else out”, however my thought is that all the internal emotional challenges that I go through even though on paper looks like I have it together is probably similar to what a lot of others in the Sales and Marketing profession go through on a regular basis. Most of us are adults here or at least we are generally trapped in adult bodies.  That being said we...

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Video from my run today – Larrabee State Park Chuckanut Drive

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BTW: I look more tired then I feel…  After 6 miles having only walked like 15 steps looking for a place to shoot the video I’m still breathing a bit harder then I would have liked. Enjoy the scenery of Larrabee State Park though. See this Amp at

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Reflections on Why How and What Ted Talk Video

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I just watched the following Ted Video, which BTW is well worth watching.  I then reflected a bit about how I operate, my motivations and for all intents and purposes my Big Why…  Reflections after Video… Ultimately since 1977 I have marched to a different drum… Ironically for me it also started with Apple.  It was 1977 when I was first exposed to Apple and that winter my father bought an Apple ][ with a plus card and 64K of Ram…  With accessories like 2 5 1/4″ floppy drives, a Green Phosphorous monitor and...

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You know there is something wrong with the postal service when The Postal Union Election is postponed when ballots get lost in the mail:

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