Why do we spend so much time organizing

This is one of those chicken and egg questions.  I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for tools to make my life easier when most of the time just doing the thing I’m trying to find a solution for would make more sense.  I think however its kind of like going out into the wilderness gold mining.  The potential of finding that one little thing that could change everything sits out there teasing us.  Of course my success is really a product of looking for those little things.  Spending a huge amount of time in the early stages of the web understanding how search engines emerged and morphed was very interesting because being found is quite frankly worth a lot of money.  More recently I’ve been playing with organizational systems like Mindmapping, and just today I got my Google Docs synced with my desktop in a why that means I don’t have to keep on logging in to see my documents.  They are just available like any other file on my desktop.

I think the epiphany (reason why I wrote this post) is that our success is usually not determined by solving problems for our clients and customers when they tell us their wants, needs and desires.  Our success is to a large extent determined by having already done the work ourselves and knowing confidently that we already have a great idea on how to solve their challenges right at the first meeting.  If you customers need to be more efficient, you need to have done the work of figuring out how to be more efficient so you can teach them.  If they are looking for a home, you better know the inventory and have some ideas for them as soon as they chat with you.  Not to mention…  Knowing how to do something quickly when an idea that deserves to be pursued comes along, you’ll have the tools to do it.

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