The difficult personality box

I recently started to put people in more defined mental boxes.  I have determined that there is a class of personality which I find one of the more difficult personality types to work with and that is what I now define as the difficult personality type.  The epiphany is that at least for me this type generally speaking is always negotiating and then defending any turf that they have for all intents and purposes got even casual agreement on in a previous conversation.  Assuming we are all working in a generally speaking cooperative environment this can cause quite a bit of difficulty for both the person who is now labeled “difficult” as well as the people whom that person deals with.

I’ve seen this trait quite often when cooperation and a more collaborative approach would work better for everyone involved.  Now I do recognize that most everyone will have an opinion on most everything.  In fact I suspect that many will say if I was in charge I would do it entirely differently, however that doesn’t change the fact that generally speaking we really need a collective or a group of people to come together and cooperate in order for real success to be achieved IMHO.

That’s it for today random thought.

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