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First let me say the are a lot of people who do get it at Real Estate Tech South, however there are a lot of people who have been on stage that are still in denial about the major fundamental shifts that have and are taking place about this thing called real estate brokerage services. I just sat through a presentation on “Real Estate Agent of The Future” and quite frankly I’m amazed at how little traditional brokerage folks actually know about how things are changing. Even looking at people like Jay Thompson, Kristina Wise, Michael McClure and even myself, I am paranoid that we aren’t adapting fast enough to compete against the eventual models that may show up in the next couple of years. Redfin, Zip, and even are all predecessors of what the future will look like. If that is true, I think we should all be paranoid and realize that even if our models aren’t broken we should looking at how we should break them… Sooner then later…

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  1. Jo Amick
    Jun 16, 2011

    I think most people would agree that technology is changing the real estate game and folks are not changing fast enough with it. I’d like to see what more people think of that in depth.

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