Top 10 Things Heard at a Zebra Trial

10. I object to the wearing of black and white at a Zebra trial.  Except of course you Your Honor.

9. was already taken

8. It sounded better then Real Estate Referee

7. There Can Be Only One… Zebra…  #winning

6. What did a Zebra do to you anyway?

5. I thought if I could find it online that meant they were competing with me.

4. You can’t keep a good Zebra down

3. Look it up…  Zebra’s are Tough.

2. Can’t Zebras sing Kumbaya?

1. Jay Made me do It.


  1. Rich Jacobson
    Mar 7, 2011

    #2 and #9….laughter at other’s expense…so be it!

  2. Glenn
    Mar 7, 2011

    Maybe I watched too much Charlie Sheen last night (ended up turning it off after like 10 minutes)…

    I was thinking what if David Letterman did a Top 10 list on this.

    Seemed like these could have been on the list.

    I did hear somewhere however that only comedians should do funny. Everyone else should stick to what they do best, so hopefully I wasn’t too off sides here.


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