Why Southwest is killing USAirways through great customer service

I‘ll admit it…  I’m pissed off at USAirways right now.  I recently purchased a airline ticket for an associate of mine on U.S. Airways and unfortunately my associate was unable to take advantage of the flight.  The flight was $425 and I was unable to cancel the ticket in time to ultimately get some credit for the flight.  This is a complete contrast to Southwest Airlines which is my preferred airline anyway where if I don’t show up for the flight I get 100% credit for the flight on a future flight.  There is no need to call and cancel the flight.  Southwest has already taken into account that a % of the people who book flights won’t make the flight and they simply allow you to use the flight credit on a future flight.

This is a huge difference.  As one person who takes care of travel arrangements for a number of people in the company that I run there are times when I am unable to cancel a flight in time and as such Southwest will now be my airline of choice.

Even after calling USAirways and asking for credit (which in my opinion should have been the value of the flight less $150) they indicated that the ticket had no value at all.  You would think that USAirways would have provided some credit.  Anyway they didn’t so consider this my first of many vents on the experience.

Now to find some other blogs where others have had a similar experience and add my comments to those blogs.

All I can say is I’m glad there is Southwest Airlines.  They might not have assigned seating however they do have have the most flexible travel program available of any airline that I know of.  As a result I predict that in five years we will all be flying Southwest.

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