Homes around Deception Pass

Previewing homes is what I consider one of the joys of being in real estate.  Looking at homes through the eyes of a buyer is incredibly educational for me as a real estate professional.  I had a chance to visit two homes today toward Deception Pass in Skagit County.  Both looked out over Deception Pass.  A couple of the view photos are below:

Views of the Ocean from 15689 Yokeko Central Ave View

Considering the two homes that I looked at, one on Yokeko Drive and the other on Central Ave in Anacortes I was amazed at the price differences.  The first photo taken from Yokeko Drive was of a home priced over $150,000 more then the one on Central.  The home was built in 1900 and needs tons of remodeling.

It seems that there is still some challenges with pricing since the 2004 – 2005 price runs where you could literally put any price on anything and as long as you didn’t raise your price eventually the market would rise to ultimately take the property off your hands.  Now overpriced properties can sit on the market for months on end.  We are seeing some properties with 400+ days on market.

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