Setting up the Linksys WAP54G in repeater mode

Well this one looked like it was going to be an easy operation, however the documentation was flawed.  I was attempting to expand the network at The C Shop since Patrick’s wireless router in his office didn’t cover the restaurant very well.  I went and looked at all of the router’s and access point’s at Northwest Computer Supply and based on a couple of factor’s decided on the Linksys WAP54G to use in repeater mode.

The challenge with this particular Access Point is that the documentation is scarce in the box.  Actually other then the CD there really wasn’t much print documentation.  Running the Linksys set-up utility it seemed like it would be pretty easy to install, however the set-up utility didn’t cover putting the device in repeater mode but more as a router.  It did refer to the web based utility which could be accessed at with the user ID: admin and password as set in the set-up utility, however trying that combination and resetting the Access Point probably 10 times trying to figure it out, I finally figured out the documentation was incorrect.

There is no User ID for the Access Point which is different then the Linksys Router.

So to log in the User ID is actually blank.

The other challenge in putting it into repeater mode is that the MAC Address that one gets off the Router itself doesn’t seem to work when entering it into the Access Point.  The method that finally worked was when I hard wired the Access Point to the Router, used the web based utility and scanning for the MAC address through the Access Point.

The last point which seems to be a bit better documented is using the same wireless channel on both the Access Point and the Router.

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