Setting up a Free Hotspot

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Well I’m relaunching based on the instalation of a Hotspot that I set-up at The C Shop in Birch Bay Washington.  I’ve wanted to set-up a Hotspot for a while. 

A little background: In the early 90’s I purchased the domain for an online service Interactive Cafe which at the time was a mini AOL.  The ultimate remaining asset after running a web development company under the same name for about 5 years was a very cool domain name  Since then I’ve started one dot com which I sold to a public company, and during the last 4 1/2 years I’ve started a successful multi city and state real estate team.

Anyway talking with my old friend Pat Alesse of The C Shop I suggested expanding his wireless network to more adequately cover his place of business and that as part of the experiment I would purchase an inexpensive eMachine and throw a wireless card in it for those who wanted to check email on the go in Birch Bay. 

On the eMachine I installed a couple of programs.  1) Deep Freeze to lock down the computer from kids who might try to mess with the computer and install stuff that shouldn’t be on there and LogMeIn Free so that I could remotely administer the network, install software on the machine and monitor the network a bit.  In addition I picked up a Linksys WAP54G Access Point to expand the network by putting it into repeater mode.

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