Social CRM

Researching for a presentation later in the week an idea that I’ve been playing with for a while. Social CRM: It seems that we are on the verge of seeing a reorganizing of the service component for numerous businesses by the emergence of a new breed of service for customers. No longer will it be one to one (company rep to customer) but many to one (numerous people supporting the needs of the customer in real time). Social CRM represents total engagement with the consumer from many different perspectives and complimentary services simultaneously. More to come soon!

Why do we spend so much time organizing

This is one of those chicken and egg questions.  I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for tools to make my life easier when most of the time just doing the thing I’m trying to find a solution for would make more sense.  I think however its kind of like going out into the wilderness gold mining.  The potential of finding that one little thing that could change everything sits out there teasing us.  Of course my success is really a product of looking for those little things.  Spending a huge amount of time in the early stages of the web understanding how search engines emerged and morphed was very interesting because being found is quite frankly worth a lot of money.  More recently I’ve been playing with organizational systems like...

The difficult personality box

I recently started to put people in more defined mental boxes.  I have determined that there is a class of personality which I find one of the more difficult personality types to work with and that is what I now define as the difficult personality type.  The epiphany is that at least for me this type generally speaking is always negotiating and then defending any turf that they have for all intents and purposes got even casual agreement on in a previous conversation.  Assuming we are all working in a generally speaking cooperative environment this can cause quite a bit of difficulty for both the person who is now labeled “difficult” as well as the people whom that person deals with. I’ve seen this trait quite often when cooperation and a more...

Real Estate Tech South

First let me say the are a lot of people who do get it at Real Estate Tech South, however there are a lot of people who have been on stage that are still in denial about the major fundamental shifts that have and are taking place about this thing called real estate brokerage services. I just sat through a presentation on “Real Estate Agent of The Future” and quite frankly I’m amazed at how little traditional brokerage folks actually know about how things are changing. Even looking at people like Jay Thompson, Kristina Wise, Michael McClure and even myself, I am paranoid that we aren’t adapting fast enough to compete against the eventual models that may show up in the next couple of years. Redfin, Zip, and even are all...

Top 10 Things Heard at a Zebra Trial

10. I object to the wearing of black and white at a Zebra trial.  Except of course you Your Honor. 9. was already taken 8. It sounded better then Real Estate Referee 7. There Can Be Only One… Zebra…  #winning 6. What did a Zebra do to you anyway? 5. I thought if I could find it online that meant they were competing with me. 4. You can’t keep a good Zebra down 3. Look it up…  Zebra’s are Tough. 2. Can’t Zebras sing Kumbaya? 1. Jay Made me do It.